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Free Listing on Directory

Customers can get to find your Business at a go.

Advertisement System

This tool Allows you showcase your Past TV Advert Archive to your customers

Livechat Tool

Livechat for swift communication with your customers

Online Product Shop

Online shop to sell Products

Online Service Shop

Online shop specialized for selling services to your customers

Logistics Software

Logistics Software to Communicate with Couriers & Track Orders delivery flow

Event System

Online Event shop to list your events and accept and perform ticket sales

Venue Listing System

Event Venue Listing System were you can showcase your venues to companies you are willing to host an event

Blogging System

Our Online allows you post numerous news about your company. Your post would showcased on Promptfinder News platform

Job Vacancy System

You can post as many jobs has possible with no limitations. Also accept cvs of users on the platform.

Job Recruitment Examinations

Job Recruitment has been simplified. You can set Job vacancy exams for your job application.

Prompt Feedback System

This tool allows you get feedback from your customer on your business operations

Social media System

This tool allow you connet your brand to your Social media platform

PR System

Do you have TV and Radio programs with our PR System. You can showcase the timing an archives to your customers

Mobile App Listing

Mobile App Listing this would help you get a mobile app for you business and showcase this app to your customers

Donation System

This system allows companies in need of raising donations or funds to power this service.

Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

This software Tool would help you manage Human Reesource information your company.

Special Advert Modules

These Adverts are for Legal and Insurance Firms to showcase services to MSMEs

Full Payment Service

Full Payment Service to recieve Funds ASAP (Within 24 hrs)

E-Commerce Pickup Software

Customer care Desktop Software for Tracking Pickup Orders at Shop pickup locations

Game Listing

Are you a gaming company looking for were to showcase your company games. We got you covered.

Courier to Shop Livechat (B2B)

Livechat to communicate with your Courier or Delivery firm

Contact Form Tools

A simple Contact form Tool for your website and your business

Get A Website

Build your brand online with our simple website package.

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