• Software Kit for MSMEs

    Are a Small Business Owner looking for prodent ways to keep your business online. Promptfinder Gives you an Sme Software bundle to handle key areas of your business operations

  • Ecommerce Logistic Firms

    Connect with Thousands of Msmes on the Promptfinder Network and Help them handle their Ecommerce deliveries with the Help of our Logistics CRM Tool kit.

Merchant Admin App for businesses

Our Merchant Administrative App just makes it easy to have your business in your pocket

MSMEs Software Kit

See our List of Software Tools and key Problems they help you solve in your business
Livechat Software

Your Communication problems has been simplified with our Livechat Software. You can chat with customers endlessly

Advertisement Software

We have simplified your advertisement problems because we have a Listing platform to showcase your company, its products and services

E-Commerce Shopping Tools

Selling your Products and Services is now easier than ever. Sell easily and swiftly with an Online shop for Products and Services

Logistics Tools For Delivery

Delivering your products to customers should not be a problem anymore. We have brought the Delivery firms to the tip of your fingers. Just connect with them through our Logistic tools and track your products in transit.

Web Design

Your Web design issues have also been solved. We give Msmes a simple website that gives them online brand visibility to their customers


Recieving money from your customers is no longer an issue because our online business tools have full payment facility to help you recieve and disburse funds into your business bank account

Delivery Firm's can connect to Ecommerce SMEs via Logistic Tools

Are you a Delivery Firm looking for MSMEs in the ECommerce space to service their Delivery problems. We have over 3000 business here. We also give you all the neccessary Software tools to connect, track and power your delivery firms.

Delivery Firm Logistic Tools [B2B Handshake]

Connect to thousand of SMEs and use our Logistic Tools to power their Deliveries
Free Marketing & Visibility to Ecommerce Firms

Your firms is going to have free visibility to thousand of smes in the ecommerce space. No more huge cost on marketing !!

Advanced Setting

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Courier Agent Management

We have tools to create courier agents and assign them to deliveries in real time

Logistics Software

Our Logistics Software has solved the problem of tracking, assigning, and get real time feedbacks of your deliveries.

Payment System

Our Payment System, has solved the problem of getting funds from customers. Right now you would not experience any loss on Pay on Delivery. We got that covered for you. 24 hr Remittance to bank account.

Livechat [B2B to Shop Merchant]

We have developed a full scale Livechat that allows your Delivery firms have a real time communication with Online shop on every delivery issue. No more annoying phone calls.