Frquently Asked Question

Question 1, Who are Companies or Organisations or Merchants on Promptfinder ?

Question 2, Who are Delivery firms ?

L Delivery firms are courier companies who are registered under the Nigerian Cooperate Allied Commision (CAC) They have the full infrastructural and legal permit to handle delivery goods for E-Commerce Shops or businesses on Promptfinder.

Question 3: Who are Promptfinder Users

L Promptfinder Users are individuals who are registered on the Promptfinder platform. They are prospective customers or customers of Business or Organisations on the Promptfinder Network.

Question 4:What is a Virtual Company ?

L Virtual company is the Online technological firm that Promptfinder gives to Real verified businesses who have passed Promptfinder's KYC process

Question 5: Business packages

L Business packages, are the online business software that Promptfinder would give to you to businesses or organisations communicate with your customers

Question 6: What is PromptID ?

L PromptID is the Company username that Companies and Organisations use to register when they are on Promptfinder

Virtual Companies

This are Brick and mortal Business who have been given a full tech virtual company to computerize their business.

Ecommerce Delivery firms

These are Ecommerce delivery or Courier firms that help online shops to delivery goods to their customers

Users or Customers

These are the Users or Customes who use the platforms and purchase and communicate with businesses on the platform